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Hi, my name is Lesley and here is a quick word telling you a little about Mabel’s Tableware.

My passion for ceramics started a long time ago when first setting up my home. I started to collect an assortment of dinner sets until I finally decided to collect a discontinued Denby dinner service from the 1980’s. I trawled through charity shops, bric-a-brac sales and car boots. Finally completing my set from eBay, or so I thought.

eBay beginnings

Once on eBay, my world was opened to hundreds of different dinner sets and collection, and could see that there was a market for discontinued or hard to find pieces. So this is how I started. Selling my left over pieces and other acquired plates, bowls and cups on eBay. I’ve been doing this since 2008 and it has slowly grown into a full time job. Hence my own dedicated web site Mabel’s Tableware.

Glad to be of service

My favourite part is sourcing stock. I buy things I would love to own – if I had the room. My shelves are groaning now, along with my husband! I also buy things that I know you collectors and kitchenalia lovers would want to keep too. Glass, cutlery and other kitchenwares are now my new indulgences. So take a look and maybe I’ll have just what you’re looking for, or if not,  maybe next time you look, as you can appreciate my stock is constantly changing.

I’m always happy to hear from you fellow lovers of ceramics, so drop me a line, especially if you too are having difficultly find that missing piece. I love a challenge!

Many thanks,


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